First Week In Tawakal Hospital, Learned To Be A Very Best Pharmcist

In front of TH Pharmacy

Sepatutnya saya post entri ini 2 hari yang lepas, tapi kerana kesuntukan waktu saya terpaksa siapkan entri ini. Ini sebahagian dari kehidupan saya sebagai seorang yang masih menuntut ilmu.

Syukur Alhamdulillah. First day at TH, I just see what the assistant pharmacist done. I first introduced by the head of the pharmacist on staff. They're assistant pharmacist, store's pharmacist, pharmacy dispenser, pharmacy clerks, and general worker. Actually, I feel very fortunate to be selected to make practical at Tawakal Hospital.

I met the friendly staff and good. They are all very efficient, fast and quick in doing their daily jobs. In TH, all prescriptions are sent by the patient, will be numbered according to who comes first will serve first. It's normal. It's easy to read doctor's writing and some doctor's writing cannot be read directly by me. Hehehe. (^_^)'

Key-in data entry of prescriptions

The prescriptions are entered into the system so that all the drugs prescribed by doctors taken by patients. The medicine labels are printed from computer and no more hand written. But if there is some error in system, the drug labels will be written. And the patient taking a long wait.

Preparing and packaging of drugs, counting pills, labeling and counter check

There are shelves drug tablets, were also rack syrup drug, dangerous drug, and refrigerator for drug that need to keep in cold temperature (4-8 degree celcius). In addition to participating in oral medications, other route of administration are creams, ointment, respiratory, suppositories, pessaries.

Dispensing drugs to the patients

Dispense drugs must be correct. The drugs given to patients must be explained clearly so that patients understand. Here the interactions between dispenser and patients occurred. Effective communication occurs when patients understand and comply with instructions at home.

At the end of the first week of training, I know a lot of drugs by brand name and company. Because before this I only know the generic the name of the medication ordered by the order of the letters, then searching for drugs is not difficult. But when the pharmacy moved to a new building, the medication will be arranged according to pharmacological activities. It will challenge my mind right.

All staff worked hard to pack things in the pharmacy to move to new building. I may have the opportunity to practice in the new building. Just wait and see k. (^_^)V

Sebelum saya pen off, saya mengucapkan 'Selamat Hari Guru' buat semua guru yang telah mendidik saya dan mengajar saya. Tak lupa juga the very most successful teacher, my mom and dad. I love you so much. =)

Take care you, guys..


  1. tanx for a good sharing~ i'm waiting for my turn for nex two years in good..insyaALLAH

  2. lillahita'ala.

    Besar pahala buat kerja dengan ikhlas. ;)

  3. salam..

    to be a gud pharmacist is to deliver gud advise to others + to give input. most people outthere dont know much bout drugs. give 'em simple2 advise & they ll appreciate u very much. try it everyday & u ll c d result.

    p/s : dont forget to smile k

    ~ pharmacist since 1996

  4. @duta_i,
    welcome sis.. it's better to u choose manufacture rather than hospital for internship..

    bcoz u won't get the chance once u in working world.. =)

    iya, lillahi taala.. InsyaAllah.. Doakanlah i ye..

    wslm.. delever gud advise and giv input so that people know.. and most important thing, educate them about the drugs, rite? =)

    InsyaAllah, i'll try tomorrow in TH..

    p/s: thanks for visiting WM here..


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