Prologue of "Beyond The Inspiration"

Assalamualaikum wbt to all of you. I just want to share here. Now, I am reading Beyond The Inspiration.. Need to finish in 3 days but the days that given by abah to me is, i must finish it before i go home next week..

Maybe you're just daydreaming..!
It seems that you and all friends of yours
living in the world of fantasy!,wake up, see the reality!
you can't denied the reality!

Maybe it is right,
that one's who abandon reality is a daydreamer.
But who abandon their God because of reality
is worse than daydreamer!

If an obedience to Allah and His Messenger
makes me called a fool, than i rather called a fool
than to abandon Allah and His Messenger

After all, I definitely not  daydreaming
but I am dreaming a day that definitely came
the day that today reality doesn't matter
because I have Allah and Rasulullah's promises!

by: Felix Y. Siauw

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