Extreme desire for Shopping Online until I satisfied..

First time I online for shopping is the last semester 2. I bought 2 jubahs from wanitamelayu.com. Just click this link to go to the forum. But the official website of the jubah is here, GOBOK http://www.ethaweddingservices.com/. The design of the jubahs are really nice and affordable to me. Moreover, the color of the jubah actually attracted me to buy which is black and white. After I received the parcel safely, I became crazy to shop again via internet.

Then, i ordered cupcakes from this blog, Bake Me Cupcake. The cupcakes very delicious. For those who want to order, just tell the baker. She is really nice. A few weeks later, many muslimah talked about abaya especially kakchik. Here is her blog that i read about, Keluargaku Sayang. I searched website that has named Jubah. The website belongs to Jubah Lovers. But it seems that the blog has supplier to sell the jubah/abaya. So, i search the supplier and it is Abaya Maratussolehah. Here, I shop a few jubahs such as denim jubah, jubah dubai, abaya etc. At the moment, my grandma just back from Mecca and brought for us jubah jeans. Since that, I was falling in love on jubah jeans/denim. And the blog that I told just now provide the jeans/denim.

From that, I became so erratic about the beautiful and elegant abaya. I shopped there many times until i got special price. I got cheaper price and also Maratussolehah Bag. Hee. I was very excited. Can you imagine that kind of feeling? I also bought tudung from shopping online. And the website that i prefer is, Tudung Nur. Since I am wearing 'tudung bidang 60' (i don't know what we call it in English), Tudung Nur provide the kind of tudung. Again, i love so much and it really suits me. What else? Errmmm... At this moment, only these things i want to share. See ya next time if i want to write in English. 


  1. Saya tinggalkan komen ye?
    Hmm, sebenarnya beli secara online ni ada keburukannya juga.
    Takut kena tipu.
    Takut kita order barang lain, barang lain yang dibawanya.
    Tapi tak apalah sebab anda tak kena tipu macam saya. T_T

  2. online shopping really easy :)

  3. saya suka tengok orang guna abaya.
    tapi saya belum ada abaya lagi.hee

  4. saya suka tengok orang guna abaya.
    tapi saya belum ada abaya lagi.hee

  5. @Naz,

    setiap sesuatu tuh mesti ada pro dan kontranya..
    Roomate saya pernah tanya saya ttg penipuan shopping online nih..

    Saya terangkan, saya percaya.. sebab saya bukan pelanggan pertama.. Lagipun, barang2 yg saya beli, telah ada testimonial daripada customer lain. sbb tuh saya tak takut..

    Tapi, mungkin juga saudara Naz terkena dgn penjual yg tdk jujur sbb tuh Naz takut. Semoga slps nih dan akan dtg, tdk terjadi pada Naz dan juga teman2..

  6. @ceritabest,

    online shopping mmg mudah.. pilih dan beli.. ;)

  7. @hani apandi,

    takpe, suka tgk, lame2 pakai.. hee


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